What Is Inspiring Leadership? How Inspiring Leadership Stimulates Business Growth


Inspiring Leadership is terminology that I am often seeing used in business blogs, forums and on social media. In this blog article I will examine what makes truly inspirational leadership and how does excellence in leadership translate to business growth.

Leadership is a talent that needs to be constantly developed to ensure that you are inspiring your people. Whether you are managing a team of 3 or 3000 the fundamental characteristics of excellent leadership are the same. In this blog I will discuss the 5 key factors that create inspiring leaders and explain the importance of this to business growth.

Engage Your People In A Clear Mission & Vision

For you to succeed as a leader I believe that you have to engage your people in your own mission and vision for the organisation, team and individually. You have to be clear on where you are going. You don’t always to set the mission and vision yourself, engaging your people in the early start of this process will pay you huge rewards. So ask for your team’s opinions, this way they will feel like they own it too.

Create Goals

Related to a clear mission and vision is the creation of goals. It is vital that your people have their own specific goals which fit in with the wider vision of the organisation. It is important that when setting the goals that you don’t just had 3 set objectives to your staff, instead have a conversation about their aspirations and link these into their job role and goals. Ownership of the creation process of an individuals goals will enable growth in the individual and ultimately more success for your team.

Be Authentic

Don’t try to lead in a way that is uncomfortable for you. You don’t have to have an authoritarian approach to be successful. Absolutely people need guidelines and boundaries but long gone are the day of TELLING your staff what is happening. It’s vital that they are engaged and feel their voice is heard.

Bringing your personality to work will help you to get buy in from your people. I always work best when I forge a strong relationship with someone and this can only fully happen when the individual feels like they can be themselves. It’s ok not to be on top form every day, accepting that you aren’t perfect and showing your people that will buy you more credibility than following the pages of your leadership textbooks.


We have all worked for a manager who wants sight of everything and micromanages to the point of distraction. A true leader trusts their team to make decisions and to drive the organisation forward. Empowering your people will create a culture of innovation and engagement. Take Google for example where 1/2 day a week is set aside purely for employees to think of new ideas and to innovate. Some of their best ideas and growth has come from naming a time in each week for development. Try this on a small scale, even for an hour each week, and watch your talent innovate before your very eyes.

Develop Your People

A true leader is always looking for opportunities to develop their people. Whether it be sharing knowledge, arranging a job shadow or organising coaching and training for your team. It is your job as an inspiring leader to look for opportunities to enhance your team’s expertise. Such opportunities exist on a daily basis. Set aside 15 minutes a day to look at 3 key ways to develop your team. This is a tiny portion of your day but a manageable way of always ensuring you are moving your team forward.

It’s clear that effective leadership is vital to every organisation, but how does it translate pound for pound into better profits?

  • Engaged staff = reduced absence levels = less sick pay and hours lost
  • Clear vision and strategy = + % chances of achieving goals
  • Empowerment = more ideas = + % hitting the jackpot
  • Authentic leaders = better relationships with team & more likely to approach with problems before they get out of hand
  • Developing Your People = +% staff retention

The list goes on, I would love to discuss this more with you! Do get in touch to discuss how to enhance your leadership style: info@brightsideplanning.co.uk

Please comment below with any tips or thoughts on inspiring leadership.