Case Studies

We have worked with the Oil & Gas Authority for over two years now and their Director of HR and Supply Chain, Stuart Payne kindly agreed to take part in a recent case study.

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Why did you engage with Brightside? 

We identified that a number of staff were working on development challenges that included some fundamental questions around career direction, purpose and focus. At the same time, we recognised that line managers were being asked to lead through a sustained period of change and wanted to make the offer of 1-2-1 coaching available to support them in this.

The value of having an independent, confidential partner to deliver both of these things was agreed and that led us to bring in Brightside.


How would you describe Brightside’s working approach?

We’ve been impressed Karran’s skilful balance of professionalism and informality, thoroughness and pragmatism. Staff are able to build respectful and effective partnerships quickly, and the organisation has a trusted third party who feels very much part of the broader team.


What has been challenging about embedding the learning from the workshops and coaching delivered by Brightside?

Different things work for different people and this is true of the offerings from Brightside. For some staff, the language/approach/philosophy of a personality profile process (e.g. Insights) works and for others it’s harder. For some staff the offer of a 1-2-1 coaching relationship is novel and empowering (as well as reaffirming with regards to them being “worth the time”) but for others it may feel less comfortable or natural.

Finally some of our staff respond better to workshop/large scale engagements, while others prefer the 1-2-1 opportunities offered. The value of Brightside’s approach is to cater to all of these preferences equally, finding the best fit for the individual.


What has been the business impact of partnering with Brightside?

We have seen a strong uptake in personal coaching, with the impact that individuals are better placed to have powerful conversations with their line manager about development, careers and ambitions.

With regards to the use of the Insights workshops and tools, this has helped create a shared language within the organisation to “safely” describe preferences (and concerns) within and between teams.


Why should others work with Brightside and Karran?

I would recommend Karran and Brightside as a genuine, thoughtful, mindful and committed partner, working closely with the organisation helped us to support our staff and unleash their potential.

I can say that Brightside bring honesty, creativity, impact-focus and an infectious energy that makes a real difference to those they work with.