About Us

At Brightside we specialise in people development to inspire individuals and organisations to be at their best.

Karran Bonner founded Brightside Planning LTD in 2013 having spent her early career working with the global people development company, Insights Learning & Development LTD. Karran’s passion has always been people from as long as she can remember,  so to work in people development is a dream come true. Karran’s positive attitude to all aspects of life brings a fresh perspective to her clients and she genuinely wants to support their success. Having someone who not only delivers workshops and coaching for your organisation but also is invested in your individual, team and leadership success is a valuable asset to your organisation.

Across the last decade Karran and her facilitation team have worked with many organisations.

Key Industry Sector Experience:

  • Food & Drink
  • Energy
  • Third Sector
  • Care
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Governmental Bodies
  • Public Services

Any many more!

Karran works with a team of experienced accredited trainers and coaches to deliver excellence for you and your organisation it is so key that we get the best fit for your requirements. We know how important it is to get the right fit for your culture and team; whether it is a senior team who need to create a long term strategy for the organisation or an individual who needs to boost their confidence and soft skills to fulfil their job – we will be able to help.

Passionate about people and inspiring you to be the best you can be. At Brightside we believe that your people are everything and we support you to develop your team to enable your organisation to achieve success.

Karran is always happy to speak to individuals whatever your people development interests so please get in touch whether it be for self, team, leadership or a wellbeing focus. It’s time to focus on positive improvements, Karran and the Brightside team would love to help!

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The Brightside Core Values

Delivering Results

Karran is passionate about delivering results, and through Brightside she and the team love to support customers to achieve the outcomes they desire. Up front conversation about your objectives and what you are looking to achieve is essential, by setting a clear intention up front we commit to deliver the outcomes you want, there will always be challenges along the way, we are there to support you with these.


We place importance on trust, honesty and integrity in all parts of our business from suppliers, partners and customers. We do not work with anyone who we do not feel works in a similar vein to ourselves. We treat our customers’ businesses as if they were our own and confidentiality and professionalism are maintained by Karran and throughout Brightside. In coaching session you may share something that makes you feel uncomfortable, this is protected by confidentiality boundaries, we are here to support you and there needs to be a trusting bond established for us to do so.

Life is short

‘Life is short’ is not perhaps your normal company value. We truly believe that life is short, all any of us have for sure is this day. We aim to help individuals to find their happiness, what puts you in high spirits and drives you to be your best self. In a self, leadership, team or wellbeing context it all boils down to helping individuals to have confidence to be their best and to truly be grateful for the life and opportunities they have in front of them.

How Can We Support You?

We offer programmes to help individuals and businesses to:

• Create a clear career plan with goals and ongoing personal development
• Develop leaders to inspire your people
• Create a strong cohesive team for growth
• Enjoy the career path that you choose
• Develop a trusted and effective infrastructure
• Create a strategy for success
• Build strong customer partnerships to strengthen your business

Inspiring You To Have Confidence To Be At Your Best

Karran and the Brightside team work with you in a way that will challenge you to think differently, innovate and ultimately create a personal and company vision to help you to have confidence to be at your best.  We also encourage everyone we work with to adopt this ‘can do’ positive attitude. Mindset and attitude are crucial and you will experience the power of this when you work with Brightside, by using your mind to your advantage you will make the changes that truly change your life and approach to everything you do.

Investing in your own and your team’s personal development is fundamental to creating a successful life and business. One of our clients commented:

“Through one to one coaching with you not only has my career improved but my personal relationships are so different now too. It has given me a new lease of life.”