Leadership Development

Why are we passionate about Leadership Development?


The strength of your leadership team and their strategic approach provides the foundations of your organisation. The behaviour and cohesion of your leadership team also sets the standard for the organisation. If you want others to be committed and for teams to work, it’s crucial to look inwards first.


When we have worked with leadership teams who have truly looked at themselves, before dictating what the rest of the organisation needs, the results have been long lasting. Our preference is to always engage with the most senior leadership team to ensure the support we give provides your organisation with the results you want.


Why consider support with your Leadership Development?


We can support face to face or remotely.  Wherever in Scotland, UK, Europe, or wider world we would love to work with you to support your Leadership Development.


Organisational Strategy

Developing clear purpose, vision, values and a simplified business plan for the leadership team to utilise within your organisation.


Insights Discovery Personal Profiles

Utilising the Insights Discovery Model assists with leadership team development to support ways of working, communication and overall effectiveness.


Reviewing the Leadership Team Dynamic

Assessing what your leadership team strengths are and which areas to develop will help create an action plan for success.


360 Feedback

Providing an opportunity for the Leadership Team to listen to their team and act on the feedback, thus helping to provide an open and honest culture for success.


Employee Engagement

Supporting leadership teams to think about how they can authentically engage their team and create an organisation where talented individuals are motivated and want to stay.



This is the key driver for individuals once they feel they are paid enough for the work they do. How can your leadership team role model positive behaviours regarding recognition in their day to day behaviour?


We would be delighted to work with you.  If you would like to learn more please contact us and we can arrange a good time to talk through your enquiry.