Why are we passionate about Team Development?


The performance of your team is fundamental to the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole. We use a number of concepts and models to help teams put in to place strategies for effective communication, ways of working and to promote productive working relationships. We use a model called Insights Discovery at the heart of our approach to team effectiveness, this provides a common language for interactions. If you have ever experienced working in a high performing team you will understand the value that a cohesive, aligned and supportive team brings to the organisation, revenue and wellbeing of the members of the team.


Why consider support with your Team Development?


Setting up the Team Strategy for Success

Clarity of your team purpose, vision and values helps to set the foundations for success within your team. As Team Leader you will be expected to set ground rules, our experience shows that by engaging the team in setting the strategy the ability to drive the team forward and gain better results is higher. This strategic support takes time and commitment from your team and from us to get it right and in a format that works for your team.


Insights Discovery Personal Profiles

Utilising the Insights Discovery Model assists with Team Development to support ways of working, communication and overall effectiveness.


Reviewing the Team Dynamic: Strengths and Areas for Development

Assessing your team strengths and areas for development to help create an action plan for success.


Team Engagement

So often you may miss a trick with the basics. Team meetings, one to ones, development conversations, feedback and sharing recognition are key areas we can help with to ensure you have a team infrastructure that sets you up for success. Too often leaders underestimate the power of having regular structure to team engagement.


Team Communication

Do you know what makes for ease of communication with your colleagues? Chances are you have a rough idea. We can help you to have clarity in what your colleagues prefer and what they would really like you NOT to do. Communication and how your team impacts each other in the different elements of communication is the crux to team success and in any team development support we offer it will always be on the agenda.


Team Effectiveness Assessment

You will know that in any team you have been part of perception plays a key part in how well the team performs.  An assessment of your team effectiveness will support your team development action plan for success.  It’s important to have a clear view of where everyone perceives the team is effective and where you need to develop, this assessment then allows you to address key actions and areas to enhance.


We would be delighted to support you and your team. Please contact us and we can arrange a good time to talk through your enquiry.