It’s time to think about your mental and physical wellbeing

Lady standing in a field of long grass with the sun setting in front of her and her arms spread out in a star shape. SHe is over looking the countryside.


In a world that often feels non-stop, it’s time to think about your mental and physical wellbeing. How can you possibly be at your best if you don’t take the time to reflect, assess what is working perfectly and what isn’t so? What is feeding your energy and what is draining it?


What FEEDS my energy?


On a personal level there a few things that I know keep me in a good place mentally and physically. I will let you into a few of my personal secrets here!!


Meditation & Mindfulness


Meditation, spending time in peace and quiet meditating is something that you will have heard of. You may have tried it? The benefits of meditation and mindfulness have been huge across the past few years for me. Our minds are set up in a way that is meant to promote peace and tranquility, yet I have often fallen into the trap of ‘overthinking’, ‘listening to the negative inner voice’, and ‘beating myself up.’ Over the last few years I have found that meditation, mindfulness and gratitude have been so powerful in changing my outlook and building resilience when things get tough.That’s not to say that I don’t become overwhelmed, I do, I am a work in progress. What I do find is when life and work get mega busy, I often get to a point quicker now where I realise that I need to stop.


Loved Ones


I love to spend time with my family, friends and boyfriend Dave. When you aren’t rushing from place to place and have the chance spend quality time, catching up, laughing, going for walks, having a drink or two, this really is the best! The relationships in my life are fundamental to who I am. I love supporting others and spending time with people I connect with and am on the same wavelength as. I am hugely motivated by others, so if I can help those nearest and dearest I absolutely will.




Running or jogging – whichever the pace allows! I have been running for the last 8 years now (not non-stop that would be something). I have found the power of getting outside, cleaning my head and focusing on the activity in hand has unlocked so many other things for me. It hasn’t just been about keeping fit, that is a huge bonus, time out of the office/away from it all seems to be a huge factor in helping me generate ideas. I see a massive link between physical fitness and emotional wellbeing. When you physically have more energy I think it help you to think straight.




Working with the right people and people I am lucky enough now to have developed friendships with. You are at work for more time than you are at home, so to work in a job, business or career that doesn’t float your boat is a waste of your time and the resource of the people you are working for. I have heard so many people stay with an employer for the perks and pension – that scares me to think that you would stay in a job or organisation you do not love because you will get a good pension in 30 years time, merely waiting out life. They say if you ‘do what you love you won’t work another day.’ Choosing your career and not letting your career choose you is so crucial to fulfilling your optimum potential.


What DRAINS my energy?


Eating too much junk food


Right I am fessing up, when I am under pressure I eat A LOT! We were bidding on a house last week and we didn’t get it, I proceeded to eat 4 ice lollies, whilst they were yummy, it just meant that not only did we not get the house, but I also went to bed with a full belly and no house! 🙂


Being around mood hoovers


You all know the type, people who are negative about EVERYTHING. The people who when you see them coming to your desk you flee for cover or pretend you have a meeting to go to. My company name ‘Brightside’ may give you an insight into my outlook on life. I believe a lot in energy and feel it passing between people I speak to. When it is a negative way you are literally drained after a conversation. That doesn’t mean you will see ‘happy clappy’ Karran 24-7, it just means that to be around people who are positive rubs off, as does negativity. Choose your friends and colleagues carefully – the more positivity you are around the more positive you will be.


Lack of focus


When I do not have a clear focus/purpose in a task, I tend to find myself procrastinating and looking for anything to do rather than the task in hand, even the dishes seems appealing. Once I get a clear focal point with a task, project or customer I can then become like a dog with a bone. Without clarity, so many options can feel like obstacles. Where is the best place to start? Stop, break down  What is the why/purpose? Think then about what you are trying to do? Then consider how – don’t go to how first, as Simon Sinek says ‘Start With Why?’


Being my own biggest critic


We all have the little voice in our head that tells us ‘you aren’t good enough’, ‘that client is too big for you’, ‘you will never finish that race.’ If I was to have listened to my inner critic every day for the last 31 years, I don’t think I would be getting out of bed in the morning. Overcoming some of the delusional tricks that my mind plays has been the biggest thing to becoming more confident and being successful in my business and life. There are plenty of people out there who will tell you that you aren’t good enough, or that your dreams are too ambitious, don’t join in with your critics. Becoming your own champion is crucial, this for us Scots is counter intuitive. As kids it was something I saw at school, ‘Ya dinnae bla yar ane trumpet.’ There have been studies done on the Scottish Cringe, how us Scots bat back compliments as soon as we receive them, listen the next time you say to a friend that their top is really nice – ah that was a cheapy in the sale will often be the response. Controlling your thoughts, feeding your mind positively, recording your achievements and positively reinforcing all the good stuff has been huge in overcoming this for me.

Optimum Residential


Based on my passion to support individuals to be at their best and my experience in this area we are planning to put together a four day programme called Optimum. It will give you the time to stop, put yourself first and consider all of these elements of your life to help you be at your best (optimum). Whether it is a career, a relationship, health or purpose question you are trying to answer, you will have the scope across the four days to do this. If you would like further information on the programme please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



Thanks for tuning in! Karran.