Lady with brown hair sitting in a red arm chair, wearing a blue top and looking up to the camera

Inspiration & Learning From Others 

 Lady with brown hair sitting in a red arm chair, wearing a blue top and looking up to the camera


This week we discuss our top inspirational sentiments and how they relate to success in life and business. A great way to learn is to experience things for ourselves, but what if the experiences of others could help us to be more successful with less pain along the way? We would all be up for that! So here goes with a few of our favourite inspirational quotes and some context around each. 


Inspirational quote by Lao Tsu


In life a lot of people tend to overcomplicate things in the desire to get the best result. However, in fact by looking for a complex solution we are often missing the best solution that is right in front of us. It is in our nature to try to make sense of things but sometimes by taking time to ask a few simple questions you will get to the best SIMPLE solution. 


Inspirational quote by Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey has lived a full life where she set herself free from her background and experiences by focusing on her own personal development. This quote summarises a huge belief of mine that if you set a goal and go for it completely there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve this. Where it gets tough is when we are working hard day after day, night after night and all we want to do is quit because it feels tough. By staying resolute to your goal will ensure your hard work pays off. Often, our goals will shift over time and that’s ok but stay focused and moving forward and huge results will happen. 


Quote by Jim Carrey


There may be something that you dreamed of doing when you were a child, or something that now you hanker after but you don’t have the self belief to go for it. I love this sentiment from Jim Carrey, he talked about his father being a budding comedian but not going for it and instead ending up being out of work as an Accountant, a profession he was not passionate or inspired by. Sometimes we will fail at things we didn’t even want in the first place so would it not be better to go after what you do want and give it all you have got. 


These three quotes summarise a few key lessons that we try to live by. Doing something you love in your work and personal life is crucial as without this your music is trapped inside you. Having clear goals to achieve what you want and keeping it simple along the way will ensure that you set yourself up for success. To discuss more inspiration and motivation please get in touch.