How do you set your prices?

Price, cost, money, investment, hard earned cash – however we coin the phrase – pricing for many people is a contentious issue, especially in the training industry, it has for years been very cloak and dagger. Few training providers put their prices on their website and this was something when we rebranded in January that we we wanted to challenge. It is very simple for us, we are open and transparent about the prices charge to clients. Anyone can peruse the website where you will find all of our prices: and today in this blog we want to debunk the myth that training and coaching is overpriced by explaining what is involved behind the scenes and how we have determined our pricing.

What is included in the price of a one day workshop?

Included in our rate for a one day workshop is not simply the 8 hours I dedicate to the workshop on the day but also any preparation that is required beforehand. This will be at least a further 8 hours and quite often a lot more if all of the administration, presentation preparation, printing etc is taken into account. Also, it is largely about the value that a one day workshop brings to an organisation and we often see teams begin a transformation during just one day – you can’t put a price on that. Sometimes individuals are at loggerheads or a stand off when they come to the workshop and it’s not always an easy task to break that down but we do. We work hard to ensure we do our homework, explore the background and tailor every workshop to you the client.

Why is one to one coaching done remotely/face to face differing in cost?

Remote coaching and face to face coaching is priced differently due the time investment. If we have to travel face to face to meet with someone it means that the time investment is usually at least double versus skype/telephone coaching. We have worked successfully with clients both remotely and face to face. Our preference would always to be to work with customers on a face to face basis, however, a lot of our customers have opted for the cheaper rate to enable more employees to be able to undertake coaching and for the reach throughout the organisation to be more vast.

How does the monthly support option work?

For most business cash-flow and budgeting is a key issue that needs to be managed so we have discovered a great solution for business. We offer a monthly support option which enables businesses to commit a monthly amount to external training and coaching support. This amount starts from £500 and can be used for different services each month including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Developing Personal Development Plans
  • Employee Engagement
  • Management Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Motivational Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Team training: e.g. customer service, leadership,team effectiveness

Basically we can tailor a monthly support option that works for you. Our only stipulation is that you commit to 6 months to enable us to be able to measure the impact of the regular support and truly create a lasting impact for your organisation. This is a new service that we have been offering since the beginning of the year and it’s proving very popular with clients.

Why choose a Brightside Inspiration Programme?

  • Inspiration breeds inspiration – when you and your people are positive innovation will happen.
  • You will quickly identify who wants to be part of your company vision and who doesn’t
  • Your staff will be inspired and want to help grow your business
  • You will understand yourself and others more effectively
  • Your communication will be improved
  • Your team will have better understanding of each other
  • Absence and sickness levels will decrease because your people will be more engaged
  • Customer satisfaction will improve due to enhanced focus on people in the business and the processes which support your customers
  • We will work with you to provide amazing ongoing support that lasts way beyond the initial workshop or coaching session.

Our Experience

At Brightside the team are all trained and accredited to the highest standard. We put a huge amount back into continuously developing ourselves with accreditations in:

  • Insights Discovery
  • Association of Coaching
  • NLP
  • SDI
  • World Host

These programmes and our development need to constantly be refreshed so we can deliver the very best for you. We are so committed to developing ourselves as we have built our business and offering based on the importance of investing in people – we need to do the same.

The Price is right…

Our pricing is determined based on the time invested, expertise we have and the value it will bring to you and your organisation. Jim Rohn said you need to work harder on yourself and your people than anything else, we firmly believe that is true. Our customers are testament to the value our work brings.

Have a read of some of our latest testimonials:

Pricing does not have to be a secretive thing, we certainly believe honesty is best when it comes to cost. To chat further please give us a call on 01382-459782 or fill in our contact form:  We are excited to discuss a solution that works for you.