How do Google do it?

In this week’s article, Karran Bonner (Brightside) examines how Google have built one of the fastest growing empires of the digital age and discovers how we could all develop our own version of the Google success story.

Google’s success story is fascinating. Starting out as a small team working out of a garage conversion to now employing over 40,000 people globally. Google are an exciting case study.


Google have created a company whose very being focuses around an innovative culture. They advocate that to be truly successful you have to believe your own slogans. In such Google the fast growing and innovative search engine gives employees the space to innovate on a daily basis and creative input across roles is expected. It is the responsibility of each and every employee to make Google better not just the team at the top.


At Google they firmly believe that ‘Hiring is the most important thing you will do’ in business. Google look for what they call smart creatives – the individuals who will be game changers, the engineers, those who have a real eye for detail and who want to make a difference. Recruiting people who buy into your vision and where the organisation is going as well as the culture is crucial. If you create a team of the best people then the results will follow. Google have countless examples of employees working across weekends, their holidays to ensure the customer experience is always to the highest standards. These acts of dedication are not because their employees were asked to stay late or work weekends but because they felt compelled to for the greater good of the Google family.


Communication at Google is key. As the organisation grew rapidly as did the need for more communication. Communication has not been without its challenges at Google but they have always placed a focus on getting the engagement and input of the entire team. A key phrase used at Google is ‘ask the engineers’, often leadership will centre decision based on the opinion of the staff on the ground. The staff on the shop floor of your organisation too often hold the key to major process improvements, do you ensure they feel comfortable to input their ideas and help move your team and organisation forward?


The above are three of the key areas that Google attribute their success to. There are four other areas which you can explore and that will benefit your organisation, should you wish to discover what these are by contacting Karran by email: or visiting