How can positivity in the workplace help to grow your organisation?

As you may gather from the name of my organisation, Brightside, positivity is a focal part of the work that I help companies with. Looking for the opportunities instead of the obstacles in life opens up a different perspective. Looking at solutions instead of problems has been a skill that I have learned and which has helped me to forge strong partnerships in all aspects of my life.

The Power Of Positive Language

Language is often involuntary or unconscious when we are comfortable but to make a conscious effort around our responses with customers, friends, colleagues can transform how both parties feel.

What is your standard response when you are asked how are you? ‘Not bad, fine, ok, top notch, great thanks?’ For most people fine or not bad is the typical one. Watch the response if you change that simply to ‘Great, thanks for asking.’ Your conversation starts with a positive tone and makes your colleague feel positive. Also, when looking at a new project or product do you use a positive approach as to how you can achieve a goal or is your natural preference to be cautious and look to why it would be difficult? Caution and critical thinking are necessary to ground us dreamers yet looking for opportunity will always open up more for you than constantly exploring obstacles to progress. Evaluating how you interact with your colleagues from everything from writing emails to conversations and the language you use is such a valuable exercise. Being thankful for the support and positive in your approach will see you build rapport and relationships effectively.

What would you do if there were no barriers?

Taking an hour out to brainstorm this question for yourself individually is a powerful exercise. Then, what if you asked your team this question? Throwing off the bowlines and allowing your team to be innovative is one of the greatest strengths of an inspirational leader. All of the most successful organisations place immense importance on the opinion and innovation that their employees bring. Giving your team the scope to dream, come up with ideas and input will provide a positive and proactive environment. The innovation sessions become most powerful when individuals within the team take ownership and there is accountability for making these happen. Taking action and creating a positive environment will see huge results on your profitability.

Open & Honest Communication

 Much of the work we do with clients is around communication and helping organisations to promote effective communication. It is the lifeblood of any positive relationship whether it be personal or at work and takes time and effort. Regular updates on your company strategy, team meetings, one to one meetings and daily chats will contribute to an open and honest working environment. Also, open feedback forums and focus groups facilitated by someone to draw out the key opportunities and areas for improvement create the most positive cultures. Listening to your employees as they have the answers will see increased engagement within your organisation.

Positive language, innovation and communication are vital to creating a positive and productive environment. We believe you can only achieve greatness with a positive mindset and approach – don’t let your fears hold you back from achieving personally and within your organisation. To discuss more around how you can develop a positive environment email us at: