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So why the Dundee Enterprise related post? Well, this blog article encompasses two things that I am fiercely passionate about: Dundee and Enterprise.

Why Dundee?

My love of Dundee started as a kid when my sister and I would travel the long and windy roads from Forfar (a whole 15 miles) to Dundee on a Saturday morning to go shopping with Mum. My dear sister Claire used to get so excited that she would get hiccups as she approached the 5 miles to Dundee sign. Perhaps, this shows that we didn’t get out much 🙂 There has been a huge affinity with the city ever since, it’s the place I went to University and my hometown for the past 11 years. Us Dundonians often get a hard time from others about our city, I can honestly say though, it is a great place to live. Full of opportunity, variety and in the heart of surrounding beautiful countryside. If you have never been visit Dundee, the City Of Discovery. We are in the midst of a period of re-development and will soon be home to the V&A museum, what better reason to visit Dundee.

Embracing Enterprise 

Enterprise, however, has been a newer found passion. Since leaving home at aged 17 I have enjoyed being independent, studying at university, travelling the world, building a career and latterly establishing my own business. Whilst working at Insights I saw real potential in myself and the awakening of a passion to set up my own business, so on 2013 I took the leap of faith. Being in business – working for yourself is the best and toughest decision I have ever made. To be an entrepreneur, make all the decisions, promote yourself, understand marketing, service customers whilst also trying to create a sustainable income for yourselves is a lot trickier than it looks to those who often comment ‘I have often thought about starting my own business.’ Only when you have taken the leap will you ever be able to understand why still working at 1am makes any sense.

What Makes A Great Enterprise?

  • Hard work & Perseverance

Without hard work your new business will not work, so be prepared to put the hours in and make the necessary sacrifices. It’ s tough and you will have to say NO to some things you may have always gone to before, but if you want to make this work you need to give your business your full attention.

  • Creating An Enterprise Vision

Understanding your enterprise purpose, vision and goals is crucial to enabling you to develop, grow and sustain your business. Setting large goals that are underpinned by smaller goals and a strategic approach is a fundamental starting point for any enterprise.

  • Loving What You Do

To love what you do is vital when you are running your own enterprise, or helping to establish an enterprise. People buy passion and enthusiasm rather than the actual product you are selling. If you aren’t feeling the love for what you are doing then I beg you to look at what you love doing and to find what inspires you. Ask yourself the simple question, ‘If there were no barriers what would you do?’ Watch this fab clip from Steve Jobs who speaks so eloquently around this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuNQgln6TL0

  • The Right People

Employing and partnering with the right people is crucial. Enterprise can be lonely so having a community of support around you and your business is fundamental. The right people will have an attitude which propels you to want to achieve great things. The adoption of a positive approach by you as a business person is key to enabling the achievement of your goals. Role modelling the behaviour you want to see from your staff, partners and clients will also help to build relationships. Developing a programme of personal development will enhance the skills and confidence of your staff, to keep the business moving forward you need to be personally supporting your staff to do the same. You may have read that you are an average of top 5 people that you spend time with, in business it’s important to consider this wisely.

  • Innovation

Innovation is key to all enterprise, just look at Apple, Innocent Drinks or our very own creative industry here in Dundee. When you give people the space to innovate and think differently magic will happen. Giving yourself and your employees the space to innovate will enable growth within your business. Innovation can come in many forms, a suggestion box, brainstorming, speaking with a colleague as a sounding board, coaching, reflective time.

Enterprise, working for yourself, creating something from scratch is the best feeling in the world. You can’t put a price on that. Why not take that leap of faith? What is stopping you? Do you have an idea but not sure where to go next? Let’s chat more about the opportunity that you have in front of you.

Who Can Help?

At Brightside we are committed to help you set goals and to work with you to achieve these so we would be delighted to help point you in the right direction and to support you along every step of the day. www.brightsideplanning.co.uk

Dundee & Angus College: https://dundeeandangus.ac.uk

Scottish Enterprise:  http://www.scottish-enterprise.com

Business Gateway: http://www.bgateway.com

It would be fab to hear from you. Are you in business, thinking about setting up your own business or working hard to support someone else in their business.

Thanks for popping by.