Do you struggle with networking? Read on…we have 7 top tips to help you out!

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  • Giving v Getting

Yes we know you have heard this one a thousand times before but the best relationships truly are built when you focus on trying to help individuals first before trying to win business. Think of ways to help people in subtle ways, it may be a book recommendation, forwarding on a relevant email or blog to someone or simply offering to share some of your sales techniques with others.

  • Be Present with the person you are talking with

It is so easy to get distracted when you are in a room full of people, however, to build the best relationships you have to give the person you are chatting to your full attention otherwise they will feel like you are bored with what they have to say and won’t feel like you want to speak with them.

  • Listen more than you talk

Closely linked to being present is listening to the individual you are talking too. Refrain from bringing the conversation back to your experiences until you have listened to what the individual has to say. Often by closing your mouth for a bit you will be able to identify opportunities and correlations between your roles.

  • Long term v Short term

Don’t expect too much too soon from people you have just connected with. It is far better to make initial connections and build a long term relationship than rush in and try and to be over friendly too soon. People are often suspicious if you are too full on and hardly know each other. It is important to get to know an individual before expecting them to like and trust you!

  • Don’t Over Commit or Make False Promises

If someone asks to meet up with you at a later date and you can’t make it or don’t feel there would be value in a further conversation politely decline. You can’t fill your calendar with pointless meetings, just do it in a subtle way.

  • Take action immediately

If you say you are going to make an introduction to someone then do it asap – either send an email from your phone while you are speaking with the person or follow up straight after the event. The sooner you can make the introductions the more credible you become and the more likely you are going to receive back!

  • Only go to things that interest you

Don’t waste energy attending events that don’t excite you. Others will be able to tell if you don’t want to be there and it won’t do your personal or business brand any good! Instead concentrate and commit to a small number of groups or events to get the best return!

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Happy Networking!