2013….what a year!

Over the past few weeks I have been taking the opportunity to reflect on the past year whilst simultaneously looking ahead to 2014 and think clearly about what I want to achieve.

An overview of 2013 

2013 was always going to be a mad year – this time last year I recall I had already started marathon training and had just decided that this was going to be the year that I took the plunge and put my idea of starting my own business into practice. My personal goal of running a marathon taught me a lot about how important my fitness and overall health is to achieving my career ambitions. Running and keeping fit keeps me focused on what I want to achieve in my business and ultimately enable me to have the thinking time to come up with some of my best ideas. It also has taught me the important of resilience and not giving up even when sometimes the thought of continuing seems impossible.

Brightside Planning 

In April of this year Brightside Planning was founded. It was with mixed emotions that I bid farewell to Insights who I had worked with for just short of five years. I gained invaluable personal and career experience there as well as making some life long friends. My commitment to the organisation continues having continued to partner with the organisation and recently becoming a Licensed Practitioner to use the Insights Discovery model with my own client base in coaching and training programmes. I honestly believe that the opportunity to gain a greater self understanding so early on in my career enabled me to have the courage to follow my dream and to start my own business.

On a Personal Note 

As some of you may know this year has been a bit of a roller coaster on a personal level too. It is easy to dwell on things and get upset about challenging times, however I firmly believe that it is not what happens to us that defines us but how we react to different situations that truly makes us who we are and I certainly leave 2013 a stronger person!

Looking Ahead to 2014 

It is with excitement I now look forward to 2014 and the opportunity the new year provides us with. I am currently looking at my goals for 2014 and putting actions in place to help me achieve them. I have a nervous, excited anticipation of what next year will bring. One thing is for I have a fierce determination to do everything in my power to continue to grow and establish my business.

A huge part of my success this year has been down to the ongoing support from friends, family and business colleagues. I can’t thank you all enough for everything and here’s to an amazing 2014 for everyone.

I will leave you with this thought from Pablo Picasso:

“Action is the foundational key to all success!” 

Happy New Year, make 2014 the best one yet!

Thanks for reading!

Plan Brighter